• Madras Institute of Technology is considered as one of the most prestigious colleges in India. Founded in 1949, it shaped up as a technological hub in modern India, pioneering in various innovations. For many, Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam is the first name that comes to mind when someone says the name MIT. He transferred our space program into an amazing success. He was one of our many renowned alumni, along with the late Sujatha Rangarajan- a Tamil play and script writer, Dr.R.N.Agarwal- former program director of AGNI & former program director ASL, Dr.K.Sivan, current chair person of Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO).

    Producing these many technicians is an achievement by itself, yet MIT has been doing this year after year for 70 years now. Since it’s inception as India’s first self-financed college, MIT strived hard to read the elite status where it stands today. On its course of fame history, MIT has opened 9 departments covering almost all aspects of technical education including older departments like Aerospace and Automobile and newer departments like Computer Technology. All the departments have contributed to the overall growth of the institution.

    To accompany our philosophy of learning by doing, there is a student association found in each department, which aids the student diving into all upcoming technologies. These associations organise various activities for the students, thus modelling the future engineers. One such association is ACT.

  • Association of Computer Technologists was started as an instigator of awareness in the field of Computer Science in the year 2010. It is run by passionate students & prominent faculty members of the department of CT – Computer Technology, Anna University, MIT Campus, Chennai. The department is headed by Dr.R.Gunasekaran, who himself is a researcher and innovator. We work hard in making the students cognizant of the latest novelties in the field of Computer Science. We arrange practical session for the newest technologies in the market which aspiring students attend in swarms. On top of this, ACT servers as the platform for the admirers of technology which has sparked many fruitful discussions. Many of these ideas have come into reality in the form of high-end projects by the students.

    The students’ areas of interest range from deep learning to block chain. Students take part in many accredited projects by CTDT and the like. Our students have been awarded placement opportunities in eminent companies like Google, Microsoft, Facebook and many other companies. Many of our graduates have gone on and taken impactful positions in entrepreneurial ventures.

    We also dive deep into knowledge by conducting online tests every once in a while and two major symposiums in a year. These symposiums are attended by fanatics of Computer Technology from various parts of India. Our intra-college symposium is called as Trigger. Prayatna is our National level inter-college symposium.


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Each and every educational centre requires a noteworthy gathering in which the brightest minds from all over the country gather to showcase their knowledge. Such a pivotal summit is Prayatna, our inter-college symposium. We take immense pleasure in hosting Prayatna this year, which is to be conducted on February 8th & 9th 2020. Prayatna serves as a culmination of master minds and the ideas the minds convey. Over 3000 students from 150 colleges gather together for this festival of Computer Technology.

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Association Of Computer Technologists

Association Of Computer Technologists

FEBRUARY 8-9, 2020